Tree Preservation

With the accelerated rate of development in our area, the rate of tree removal is also increasing. Sometimes, trees intended to be preserved are inadvertently damaged by construction processes. Hiring an arborist to join your design and architectural team can help create a tree preservation plan to preserve your valued trees.

Raising soil grade in excess can restrict airflow to a tree's root system, starve it of oxygen, and otherwise adversely affect the health of your trees. Covering a tree's root system with more than 6" of fill can restrict airflow and cause root die-back. Constructing a tree well around the base of a tree to keep soil and moisture from accumulating around the trunk flare can help prevent root rot and other soil-borne disease. Inserting drain pipe along the flare roots assists in allowing oxygen to the root system, further promoting the longevity of your landscape. If soil grade must be raised to accomodate building structures, we can help preserve your trees.

The image below shows a tree once buried with 3' of fill soil (note the line on the trunk near the home's foundation showing the previous soil grade), forcing this tree into severe decline. We are currently performing corrective measures to help preserve this tree. Here, a tree-well is being built around the trunk to improve airflow and help prevent root rot. We will also implement chemical root stimulant stategies, using plant growth regulators, to help initiate new fibrous root-growth. Adding appropriate nutritional amendments will complete this tree preservation program.


[We would like to thank Bublitz and Koch Construction, of Manzanita, for their integral role in completion of this project. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.]