Pruning can be performed as light management to maximize the total leaf surface area receiving enough sunlight for photosynthesis. Removing deadwood helps reduce risk of injury or damage to targets below. Dying wood gives its reserves to the tree, and should not be removed too early.

Removing too much live wood removes carbohydrate and nitrogen reserves that some trees need for new growth. Removing too much leaf area also stresses the tree's root system, causing root die-back, further weakening plant health. Topping and excessive crown reduction are harmful to trees' health, and these are not our practices.

Looking for added view clearance? Consider creating a "view window" by removing a select few limbs from your tree's canopy in the desired line of sight. Remember, our arborist's mission is to help increase tree health and longevity while maintaining tree safety.

Our adherance to International Society of Arboriculture pruning standards is your assurance we will safely manage your trees' health. Knowledge of plant physiology and growth requirements means we will properly prune your landscape specimens.