Plant Health Care programs

A beautiful landscape begins with proper plant healthcare.

Our goal is to provide ecologically sustainable landscapes that look great while costing less. We offer a wide variety of products and services to help your landscape look its very best.

Plants growing in urban landscapes typically exist under less than perfect conditions. Topsoil is often removed during building construction, leaving compacted soils low in fertility for your landscape plantings. Leaves and natural plant debris are usually raked and removed from site, rather than returning their nutrients to the soil. Soil fertility is reduced over time, and plant vitality suffers.

We can help correct soil nutrition imbalances and increase the amount of organic matter in your soil. Ask us about our soil analysis sampling, mycorrhizae treatments, biofertilizers, and drought-resistance products.

Your landscape can either survive . . . or it can THRIVE !!

Our plant health care programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific landscape requirements. Have us monitor your landscape at specific intervals throughout the year to inspect for potential problems and recommend treatments as required.

By beginning our program with soil and foliar nutrient analysis, we can show you which nutrients are lacking in your landscape. We can then reduce costs by applying only those nutrients needed. Maintaining proper levels of macro and micro-nutrients in your soil will help keep your plants happy and healthy, resulting in a more attractive landscape.

Heavy spruce aphid infestations are causing extensive damage to our spruce trees on the Oregon coast. If your spruce trees appear unusually thin, this may be the problem. 
Click here for more information on this pest's life-cycle and our recommended control measures.