Lot Development / Pre-construction Programs

Planning a construction or remodeling project? Did you know that a well-cared-for, mature landscape can add significantly to the value of your property?

Let us help you plan your project to retain the most valuable plant specimens on your site. We can help provide solutions to increase the return of your landscape investment. Tree surveys, hazard tree evaluation, and tree preservation during construction are a few of the services we provide.

Construction damage is one of the leading causes of plant mortality in a new landscape. Wounding by equipment, soil compaction, and alteration of soil content are potential problems. Severing of structural roots impairs the stability of your trees and can lead to sudden tree failure. Tunneling utility routes beneath the root zone can allow construction to proceed smoothly, while protecting your tree's future.

[*To facilitate construction, the structural flare roots of this tree were severed too near the trunk. This tree soon failed in high winds and had to be removed. Neighboring trees are all that's holding this tree from falling completely over (note the tilted trunk and exposed root system under the tree.]